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If you’ve ever thought about using the Bible for a book club or would like to study it on your own then the Bible Society has an excellent resource. Each book of the Bible is presented in guides offered as an online study or as a printout.

The website also contains some useful articles about the Bible, designed to help you get stuck in.

Bible Society Book Club web page

Here’s an example Bible book – Mark’s Gospel

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Advent Reflections 2017 – Colossians

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
This Advent we shall study Paul’s letter to the new church in Colossae (some spell it Colosse). Most scholars confirm Paul as the author of the letter. Paul (assuming it was he!) probably wrote the letter when he was in prison. Although he doesn’t express it directly in his letter, it seems that there were some odd goings-on in that church. We’ll attempt to read between the lines to see why Paul, who never went to Colossae himself, writes the letter.

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