A familiar song to new words for Thy Kingdom Come: We seek your kingdom

Dear All,
In WTandW we're blessed in living our rural or provincial lives away from the complexities and mix of urban city life. However, our prayer “Thy Kingdom Come” extends beyond our neighbourhoods through the whole nation and across the world.
The London Institute of Contemporary Christianity (whose resources we have used and valued in our churches) has produced a song of prayer for TKC. You'll find it on this link:
It is set to a very familiar tune, so there's no struggle there!
The words are below, and I've attached them for you to print if you'd like to pray them both over your neighbourhood and our world.
We Seek Your Kingdom


We seek your kingdom throughout every sphere
We long for heaven’s demonstration here
Jesus your light shines bright for all to see
Transform, revive, and heal society

Before all things, in him were all things made
Inspiring culture, media, and trade
May all our work serve your economy
Transform, revive, and heal society

Peace, truth, and justice reigning everywhere
With us be present in our public square
Fill all who lead with your integrity
Transform, revive, and heal society

Forgive us Lord, when we have not engaged
Failing to scribe your heart on history’s page
Make us again what we were made to be
Transform, revive, and heal society

Faithful to govern ever may we be
Selfless in service, loving constantly
In everything may your authority
Transform, revive, and heal society

With Blessings,