Advent Reflections

Advent Reflections

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This Advent we are building on our Benefice’s involvement with Inspiring Ipswich by choosing a theme that we can all be part of – hospitality. Offering hospitality is a way of deepening our fellowship with each other, friends and with strangers.

We shall look at examples of hospitality from the early Old Testament through to the End of Time as revealed in the book of Revelation. We hope that you will be encouraged to consider hospitality as a means of reaching out to people.

Next year we would like to follow on this line and arrange a Passover meal in each parish, during which we will hear again the story of the Passover (which will also be covered in depth in our Lent reflections) with both traditional Jewish and Christian aspects highlighted, and share a meal together.

Encourage others
We have a number of people from outside the Benefice who receive this email. However, we still have some people in our benefice who do not receive these mailings because we do not have their email address. I’d encourage you to forward these email reflections on to anyone you feel may benefit from them (with their permission).

Read a little more
I’ve attempted to keep readings to a reasonable length. However, such is the beauty of context and strands that single chunks do not always stand alone. I have recommended some further reading so that you may widen the perspective and your understanding.

Questions and queries
I am happy to reply to any questions, queries or comments you may wish to put to me. I don’t know all the answers, but I’ll respond as best I can.

With Blessings,


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