Lent Reflections 2020 – Passover

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Last Advent we reflected on our Benefice’s involvement with Inspiring Ipswich by choosing the theme of hospitality. For Lent we shall look at The Passover.

A Passover meal

We would like to arrange a Passover meal in each parish, with both traditional Jewish and Christian aspects highlighted. In order to make this happen we will need to see people volunteer to take up the role of host (to provide a space), to be the leader (click here to download the script – it’s not long), and to help out with the food and cooking. Sharing a Passover is a lovely way of sharing the story of what Jesus has done for us. It would also be an opportunity to indulge in a little hospitality (click for more info)– why not invite others along?

Further reading and other links

I am making the main readings a little shorter, mainly because it’s not right to use copyright material so freely. I do provide a number of links, in the commentary text itself as well as separately, to click on that will take you to supporting Bible passages or other materials. I would encourage you to follow these up. We also have included some YouTube video or other media links as usual.

Questions and queries

Each reflection has a question or two accompanying it. These questions are there to encourage you to think about your faith – they are not there to imply anything about your faith or lack of it. I am happy to reply to any questions you may have, or comments you may wish to put to me. I don’t know all the answers, but I’ll respond as best I can.

With Blessings,