Coming out of lockdown

Charlotte writes

Following the Church of England’s guidance, guidance from the Bishops and in consultation with the wardens and ministry team and the PCC of each church below is the guidance we will be following from this Sunday. We will continue to:

  • sanitise on entry to the church
  • have the doors and windows open for ventilation
  • be seated socially distanced
  • share the peace without contact
  • have the bread only for communion and receive in the way that we have been in each church
  • have coffee served as you are seated

I also invite you now to:

  • sing wearing a mask
  • wear a mask when entering the church and moving around, and singing but remove it for the parts of the service that we say.

If you would still rather wear a mask for the whole of the service you are of course very welcome to do so. In each church there will also be a space further away from others for any who would still like to attend, but would prefer to have a mask on for the whole service, and to not be in a space with others singing.

Each of our wardens will be completing a risk assessment for this updated guidance. We will review this guidance in September.

With my continued prayers for you all as ever,