2015 Advent reflections – Heal the sick

We are revisiting stories we may have heard from our early days, from school, Sunday school or from hearing them at church on Sundays.  Some of these stories may be very familiar to you.

It is often true that familiar things can lose their impact and their freshness and that their meaning can be toned down over time.

For example, if you were asked “What happened in the story of the ten lepers or the woman who touched Jesus’ cloak?”, you might respond with the fact that only one leper came back to thank Jesus, and Jesus had said. “Who touched me?”  We will look again at these and other stories of Jesus and his disciples over the next few weeks.

Our aim this Advent is to get to know some of these stories a little better (they are too numerous for all of them to be covered in detail) and to challenge ourselves on whether this ministry of Jesus is valid today.