2015 Lent reflections – Holiness

Scripture says, “Be holy, because I am holy.”

(Peter’s first letter)

In this series of readings, comments and prayers I want to share with you something of the holy nature of God.  Across the Church there seem to be many ways in which we approach or address God.

Do we approach with reverence or do we cuddle up?  Do we speak to Almighty God or Loving Father?

We can find a range of expressions of service and worship in our churches, both within and across denominations.  Do they all treat God as He should be treated, or could some of them lead people astray from a true understating of God?

A difficult question arises from all of this – do I attend a church where God is worshipped the way I like to worship Him or the way He should be worshipped?  If the former is the case then I am placing my pleasure higher than His command.  But how should God be worshipped, then?

The core word that is used in the Bible to describe God is holy. We shall spend around 20 days in the Old Testament and twenty in the New, looking again at what that word means in relation to God.  The quality of our Christian lives and worship depend heavily on our understanding of the holiness of God.

Lord God, Holy God, draw me closer to you as I think and pray about the things I will be reading over this Lent season.  Open my eyes to understand your holiness so that I might understand even more why Jesus Christ is essential to my salvation.  Amen.