Lent 2023 Daily Reflections – Peter

Lent 2023 Daily Reflections – Peter

Starting Ash Wednesday 22 February

Dear Friends,

This Lent we shall look at the disciple and apostle Peter. We probably know him best as the impetuous disciple who also denied Jesus after his arrest.

There’s more to him than that. We read in the book of Acts that he became the acknowledged leader of the new Church that sprang up at Pentecost. His boldness in speaking out boldly about Christ Jesus led to thousands turning to Christ. It also led to persecution.

As the book progresses Peter takes a bit of a back seat when attention turns mainly to Paul and his missionary work, and we discover that there are some disagreements between them over whether old customs should be forced onto new Christians.

Peter is also the author of two letters to churches, and we can learn much about how, after many years of leadership and church growth, Peter’s thoughts had developed and what he was keen for new churches to know and understand.

As before, we will present a Bible passage, some thoughts, a prayer and some questions for you to think about. There may be some YouTube videos. Be aware that YouTube is placing short adverts at the start of more videos, so you may have to work through these first.

Using the daily reflection
You may like to open the email in the morning and read through the reflection. Consider the commentary and the questions, which are there to prompt you to thought. Do feel free to get in touch to question me about anything I’ve said.

The Complete Set
If you’d like to download the complete reflections set as a PDF file for yourself or perhaps to pass on to someone else, then click on this link (https://www.wtandw.org.uk/reflections-series/2023-lent-reflections/) on our website. Use the download icon (folder and arrow) on the middle right in the title bar of the viewer to take your own copy.

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