A Passover Meal in your home

Dear Church Family,

Passover is celebrated on Thursday in Holy Week, which this year falls on April 6th. Jesus’ Last Supper was a Passover meal – for Jews it was a reminder of their freedom from Egypt, but for us the Passover Jesus celebrated with his disciples is loaded with special significance. At this meal Jesus instituted what we call Holy Communion today, when he offered the Passover bread and wine to his disciples as symbols of his own body and blood, and commanded them to do this as a memorial to him.

Covid over the last few years has restricted our activities as Church. I wonder if you might like to get together with a couple of like-minded people to celebrate a Passover meal. All you need to know is contained in the documents below,

You may have a non-church friend or family member who might enjoy the ceremony and your hospitality.

Links (click to download, or print out the document underneath)

Passover Meal – complete detailsthe host’s scriptthe readings