Advent 2022 Daily Reflections – Angels

Starting Sunday 27 November

Dear Friends,

I have chosen “Angels” as theme for this year’s reflections. Inspiring Ipswich will again be placing angel-figures and detached wings in prominent places in town over the Advent and Christmas period with a view to inspiring people to think about angels and their role.

There’s a lot of supposition surrounding the form, nature and purpose of angels, much of which has no basis in the Bible. Are angels cute? Do we each have a guardian angel? Do children who die young turn into angels? Do angels need-wings to stay in the air? Do they wear halos? Are they all men? I hope to be able to present as wide a view of angels as I can in the 28 days of Advent this year (this year’s is the longest Advent you can get!). As before, we will present a Bible passage, some thoughts, a prayer and some questions for you to think about. There may be some YouTube videos and some images as well, though I’m not sure we can stretch to serious angel videos every day! Be aware that YouTube is placing short adverts at the start of more videos, so you may have to work through these first.

Using the daily reflection
You may like to open the email in the morning and read through the reflection. Consider the commentary and do feel free to ask questions. My questions that follow are there mainly to prompt your thoughts. If you’d like to download the complete reflections set as a PDF file then click on this link on our website.

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With Blessings,


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